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  • 931-599-8102
  • 931-599-8103
  • 931-599-8104
  • 931-599-8105
  • 931-599-8106
  • 931-599-8107
  • 931-599-8108
  • 931-599-8109
  • 931-599-8110
  • 931-599-8111
  • 931-599-8112
  • 931-599-8113
  • 931-599-8114
  • 931-599-8115
  • 931-599-8116
  • 931-599-8117
  • 931-599-8118
  • 931-599-8119
  • 931-599-8120
  • 931-599-8121
  • 931-599-8122
  • 931-599-8123
  • 931-599-8124
  • 931-599-8125
  • 931-599-8126
  • 931-599-8127

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    1. Wendell says:

      If we really want these calls to stop, the answer is really simple.  Contact your congressmen about changing the law.  Currently the FCC and FTC can fine these companies but the problem is, the owners and operators are protected as the company is an LLC.  So the company gets the fines and the fact is, when they get caught, they will just shut the company down and thus the FCC and FTC don’t see a dime and even if they do, it won’t be much anyway.  The owners and operators have already made their money and will just start a new company tomorrow and continue to make money.  Until the law is changed, this cycle will just repeat itself.  What needs to be done is that the law needs to be changed to make what they do from a civil infraction to a criminal.  This way the owners and operators of these companies cannot just close the doors and walk away, they will be on the hook for the fines and they will also serve time in jail.  This would be the biggest threat to them; their financials and their liberty is at risk for running a telemarketing company like they do.  The issue still comes to finding them, but when they are caught, it is not just a slap on the wrist.  The owners, operators and employees all need to be brought to justice for their crimes.  So ask your representatives to change the law and make illegal telemarketing truly illegal and punishable by fines and prison time.  You should also contact people on the telecommunication committee that can actually write the law for it to be voted on.  When they get sick of hearing the complaints, maybe something will be done about it.

    2. Kenny says:

      Alleged collector. Demanded alot of personal info which i wont give out. Got arrogant

    3. Ignacio says:

      Call 6 times a day no message. I call back the # and its a newspaper solicitor.