Terms of Use

Our website implements the exact terms of use. This simply means that we can quickly change/alter what we implement, regardless if there are current users and visitors. Whenever we decide to things that we need to do, we never ask for any kind of permission to continue.

Although we own the website, we do not assure the exact completeness and accuracy of all the existing data/information. If a valid user or a visitor chooses to use an offered reverse lookup service, this person is liable for any inconvenience he or she experienced because we are not liable on this matter.

For someone who visited our site and used our expert service, the responsibility of this person is to accept the risk and must resolve the problem personally. If after checking the results and revealed some inaccurate data, we do not accept such mistake as detailed on our rules. Because we want to become a reliable service provider, we impose the exact rules and utilize the exact design, content and images from our reliable site.

Regarding the different advertising materials that are visible on our website, they are from trusted companies and/or businesses that market various products or services online. The existing advertisements entail Internet cookies, which we need to check appropriately. We can check these web beacons (cookies) when different people access to them and all businesses/companies that display advertisements need to understand this matter.

Valid users and/or registered members need to monitor their accounts personally. To make sure that no one is using an account illegally, these people must secure their active accounts and protect any information against illegal activity.