Privacy Policy

For Internet users who need to view and use our web site, we always offer these people the best protection when sharing details/information with us. On this matter, we know how to secure the information we collect and use from them as part of our imposed Privacy Policy. Our reliable website implemented this important policy to explain on how we are using and collecting the information from actual visits. For many people who decide to access our database, they ought to evaluate all the content we share and determine how they can benefit from our available service.

What Data or Details We Need to Acquire  

When we gather the necessary information/details from both our users and visitors, these usually include the home address, name, occupation, email address, contact number and other necessary data for proper verification. These people need to understand that we never force anyone to submit personal information and so we give them prerogative. Should we decide to use any of the gathered information; it is our responsibility to ask for the necessary permission to avoid any consequences.

Internet Cookies (Web Beacons) Checking

We also need to check and gather information about the cookies from our visiting people from the different states and region. As expected, we adhere to the existing cookie policy of the European Union (EU) when we monitor. This particular approach is crucial to assure that we are tracking down the people who visit and use our service. The data we monitor from the cookies include the current browser of the user, IP and OS. This kind of process can definitely guide us in determining if we are receiving many users or visitors regularly. The details or data we obtain are very helpful in developing our service and performance better.

Data/Information Sharing

When talking about the allowed data or information sharing, we only execute this process when the situation is necessary. However, we limit our sharing to permitted agencies or third parties only when completing the process. Although we share the necessary data, our decision always follows the law and the guidelines it implement for this matter.

Whenever we choose to alter/remove any information from this imposed Privacy Policy, we decide on our own and whatever we alter/remove does not affect our performance.